Rhoda Banks

Dance as David Danced

Book Cover: Rhoda Banks
ISBN: 978-1681425887

The Return of Davidic Worship

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Published: 2017-03-03
Publisher: Tate Pub & Enterprises


In Dance as David Danced: The Return of Davidic Worship, Rhoda Banks reveals how intimacy with God develops through worship.

Worshipping "in spirit and truth" allows God's spirit to reign in powerful demonstrations of healing, deliverance, and great power. The church will see a shift in the spiritual climate as praise leads the way to overturn the enemy's plans.

God is synchronizing heaven and earth at this time. Davidic worship emulates heavenly patterns of worship around the throne room. As heaven and earth align, a mighty outpouring of the spirit emerges. Revival fires are sparked, as we join with our heavenly hosts to draw on heavens resources to create an open heaven.

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