World Sacred Circle Dance Day

World Sacred Circle Dance Day is a special moment to connect with people all around the world for peace and harmony. You can dance at home, join a group, or join a zoom meeting.

It is inspiring and helpful to know where people will be celebrating. Add your group here: You will receive a message as soon as the 3 link up dances are all posted here on the website. 

As people add their celebrations to the list, you will be able to see it on the website:

Here is a link to see the poster in different languages, and you can download yours- or contact to request a poster in a different language. 

The dance from Findhorn and the Traditional dance have been chosen. The third dance will be a well known dance. Which one would you suggest and why? Thank you!


Check back to see the 3 special dances which you can include in your session to synchronize with the whole planet!

Questions and contact:

Blessings, Love, and Thanks

Inför Herren